Boston Shamrocks
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Shamrocks Maintaining Momentum From JWHL Boston Showcase

Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 2:57PM
Two of The Goalies From The 1st Annual Boston Shamrocks 3 on 3 Halloween Tournament

By James Murphy

Two weeks after hosting the JWHL Boston Showcase at Ristuccia Arena and going 3-1-0 in the showcase, the Boston Shamrocks U 19 squad are working hard to build off and maintain the momentum gained from that strong showing.

"The following week we worked hard but also kept it light with a three-on-three Halloween tournament and skills competition," Director of Hockey Operations and Head Coach Sean Fisher said. "So we still accomplished what we wanted but with change of pace activities. This week we were back to the grind and working real hard with up tempo practices. We've accomplished what I want to accomplish. We're grinding, putting fitness points in the bank and moving along here."

With no league games until December, it would be understandable if the Shamrocks got rusty but Fisher is doing his best to prevent that and so far, the girls have reciprocated.  "Our work level with practice overall - throughout the year there haven't been too many times where I've been unhappy with it - just like the old saying, practice like you play, and I'm a big believer in that where our workload and our compete levels have to be just the same as they are in games," Fisher said. "So generally speaking, they have been. The girls have done a pretty good job taking a professional approach to the work that needs to be done in practice. We try and keep things fresh in planning new tactics, new drills and anything to keep them engaged and keep them fresh. You have to remember these are new, young and developing minds so that's key. But generally as far as the work level that's required of them, they generally answer the bell."

As for the successful weekend two weeks ago, Fisher saw plenty of positives to build off and not just the potent offense displayed by his team outscoring opponents 17-13.  "I was impressed with the fact that we got better as the weekend went on, we played with more structure as the weekend went on and were tougher to check and defend as well," Fisher said. "We had some injuries and players away as we wrapped up the weekend but other players stepped into different roles, accepted new responsibilities and we soldiered on.  I'm glad the girls got some positive team results but I was most happy that our culture continues to improve."