Boston Shamrocks
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Boston Shamrocks Defenseman Tre Bunn Keeps It Fun

Friday, October 27, 2017, 10:40AM
Boston Shamrocks Defenseman Tre Bunn

By James Murphy

New Boston Shamrocks U19 defenseman Tre Bunn has not only become a key cog on the Shamrocks blue line, but she has also become a team prankster of sorts and someone her teammates depend on her to keep things light through good times and bad. "I try to keep the mood light," Bunn said. "I feel like everyone takes the games to seriously sometimes. There's nothing wrong with being serious on the ice, but when you're having fun playing the game, that's what I like to do. Ever since I was little, playing hockey has been something fun for me and then as you slowly get up the levels, hockey coaches stress being serious, but if you can lighten the mood with just a joke or something funny then that makes everyone, I feel like, play better."

So what's her key trick in making sure her teammates don't get too serious on and off the ice? "I like to create little raps," Bunn said with a laugh. "Before games, pregame, maybe during pregame warm up's, I'll get people razzled a little bit."  She declined to crank out some rhymes as she prefers to keep them for her teammates, which is totally understandable. However, she was more than willing to discuss the dynamic and chemistry that has and is forming amongst the many different personalities from so many different origins. "I really like the environment so far," Bunn said. "It's a different bunch of girls and I like getting to know the girls' personalities and who you can joke and who's appropriate to bug versus who you should lay off a little bit. It's cool getting to know everyone personally. We've been doing team building so we were getting insight  on people's personalities and that's something that I really like."

As for the play on the ice, Bunn has been mightily impressed with the level of hockey she is able to experience at this level. "I played high school hockey and I don't think I can even compare that to the JWHL," Bunn said. "I've never experienced that before. A lot of the girls, here it's their first year for this program but they've played for other JWHL teams but I've never experienced this and I'm excited to get that experience under my belt."