Boston Shamrocks
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As a member of the Boston Shamrocks we look at your development not just as an athlete, but as a student-athlete.  You can be the most talented player in the world, but if your grades aren't where they need to be, or your NCAA mandated core requirements haven't been met, you will end up sitting in the stands watching your friends play college hockey.  We prepare you to excel, not just on the ice, but in the classroom as well.

All team members have available to them weekly tutoring sessions, as well as 10 weeks of SAT/ACT test preparation with a test specialist during the fall.  Bi-weekly progress reports from your educational institution will ensure academic standards are met.  Fall behind and you will not play until you catch up!

Our academic advisor will assist you in the college application process, including the NCAA Clearing House for those interested in playing at the Division 1 level.  All quizzes and exams are proctored by the academic advisor.

Educational Options

While local Boston Shamrocks players may remain at their current school and commute to practice, the educational options available to Boston Shamrocks student-athletes living at the team's residence hall are:

  • Attending their home school for the month of September, then withdraw and follow their home school's curriculum online until they return to their home school in March.
  • Living in the team's residence hall during the month of September and following their current school's curriculum online.
  • Following their home state's Virtual High School (if NCAA accredited).
  • Becoming a student of the TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth.
  • Enrolling and attending classes at Billerica Memorial High School.